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Wind of Changes: Closer Look at New Mail System and Mounts

Friday, November 15 2013 - 8:59 AM
by piopico



Wind of Changes is blowing in content that will reshape how you enjoy Allods Online to new heights, and one change that will enhance your social experience is the new Mail system! The in-game mail system is essential for many of your actions – auction house, sending/receiving items and gold, or sending a friendly greeting to a friend. Get ready to make your life so much more convenient with a new redesign that will allow you to correspond with others easier and faster.


Without further ado, you’ve got mail!





Normally we can manage one letter at a time in the inbox, although the revamped mail interface will allow us to work with multiple letters simultaneously. This makes withdrawing attachments and deleting empty letters hassle-free!


Speaking of attachments, there will be different ways of handling letter contents, which equates to less time spent at the Postal Worker, and more time defeating others in battlegrounds!


- You can open a letter and click each attached item manually as you have always done.

- You can also right click the letter’s icon within the “Inbox”, which will transfer all attachments to your bag.

- In addition, another method is to hold the Shift key and right click the letter icon, which will transfer all attachments to your bag, while deleting the empty letter at the same time.

- If these shortcuts aren’t your style and you still want to be efficient, you can still withdraw attachments and delete empty letters by marking the appropriate boxes next to each letter icon, and withdraw contents and delete empty letters with the “Save attachments” easy-to-use options located at the bottom of the Inbox interface.






Remember how there was an hour delay between items being delivered to and from characters on different accounts? This will be the case no more, and letters will be delivered instantly!


In addition, there will be a visual icon towards the bottom of your interface that notifies you if you have mail in your inbox.




Now let’s talk about how outgoing mail will make your deliveries easier.


You’ll be happy to know that the amount of attachments will be increased to seven in each letter, so there will be less spam sent to others just to squeeze in that one extra attachment.


Also, as you can see in the screenshot below, it’s now possible to format your letter in a presentable format by adding paragraphs.





A smart search function has been implemented within the new mail system. Instead of always having to manually type the name of the receiving character’s name, just type the first letter of the desirable character and a list of suggested character names will be listed for you to select. The list is taken from characters on your friend list, best friends, guild members, and your marriage partner.





We all know effective community is key, and these new methods to maneuver through our mailbox will definitely increase optimization to a whole new level!




Wind of Changes
is also introducing a splurge of new mounts that will make your stable superior with top-of-the-line beasts. One legendary creature that you have battled in many dungeons and that one would never have thought to tame is the fire-breathing Dragon!







Some of your favorite mounts – Magic Carpet, Cat, Stomper, Fury – have been caught in the gust of the changing winds, and are making their way to Sarnaut. They have been warped into mystical creatures of the Astral. You may not recognize them at first, but they are still the loveable and wondrous companions that you have known all along, although faster than before!










We hope you enjoyed this teaser of what’s to come – both interface improvements with the new mail system, and the beautifully crafted mounts. Look forward to more exciting Wind of Changes updates coming soon!


Grow your savings with Bank Deposit Boxes!

Thursday, November 14 2013 - 7:47 AM
by piopico



Some wise merchants used to say: “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed”, while others have said “Time is money.” Well, we have a great offer for all lazy Sarnautians! You now can stay in bed while your fortune will be growing! The longer the better! Do you remember Bank Deposit Boxes? Yes, we are bringing them back! Even a small investment can now lead to more Item Shop currency so don’t hesitate to grab the chance and let time work for you when you stay in bed!


These spectacular interest rates won’t last forever as the Bank Deposit Boxes will only be available in the Item Shop from Friday, November 15th until Tuesday, November 19th!



Let’s review the highlights of the Bank Deposit Boxes so you can start making big savings! In short, you will hold onto Bank Deposit Boxes for the item’s set duration where you will gain back the amount spent (in Gem Shards) on the Bank Deposit Boxes along with bonus Premium Crystals as accrued interest. This means the longer you deposit your savings in the Bank Deposit Boxes, the more bonus Premium Crystals you will earn!


 • Long-term Bank Deposit:

For 180 days after activation you will not be able to withdraw the deposit, but you can collect a 28% bonus amount once a month. Upon withdrawal, you will get your initial deposit back, along with 28% bonus paid in Premium Crystals. *30 day cooldown


 • Medium-term Bank Deposit:

For 90 days after activation you will not be able to withdraw the deposit, but you can collect a 25% bonus amount once a month. Upon withdrawal, you will get your initial deposit back, along with 25% bonus paid in Premium Crystals. *30 day cooldown


 • Short-term Bank Deposit:

For 30 days after activation, you will not be able to withdraw the deposit. Upon withdrawal, you will get your initial deposit back, along with 20% bonus paid in Premium Crystals.



Bank Deposit Boxes can be acquired with gPotato or Gem Shards. Bank Deposit Boxes from the Item Shop will be bound to your character upon their acquisition. They will be stored in the Item Shop section of your bag or in your Safe Deposit Box, and they cannot be discarded. It’s amazing how small actions can create such large results and all that’s required is just a bit of patience.



Stock up on Bank Deposit Boxes between Friday, November 15th until Tuesday, November 19th and watch your earnings skyrocket!


Leatherworkers Festival – Get tanned!

Thursday, November 14 2013 - 3:58 AM
by piopico



Leatherworking is one of the most ancient professions in Sarnaut but, for some reason, Leatherworkers often go unappreciated. All Leatherworkers should be admired for their work though, as he is the one using every last bit of a hunted animal and especially it’s hide to produce neccessary everyday objects for us. Be it the soles of your slippers or the bridles for your mounts!


To give the appreciation they deserve to the Leatherworkers, the Holiday Council of Sarnaut has decreed a special holiday for them!



Stop curing those hides and set aside your tools to celebrate Tanner’s Day with your fellow Leatherworkers from Friday, the 15th until Monday, the 25th of November!


Throughout this holiday, Leatherworkers of any rank will be able to visit the Holiday Council Officials in Nezebgrad or Novograd, and exchange their collected Special Holiday Coins for stylish costumes and holiday souvenirs!


Here are the items the Holiday Committee has prepared for you:


Leatherworker’s Festive Outfit
Leatherworker’s Festive Headpiece
Goblin on a Ball figurine


All items can be traded or exchanged.



Dress for the festive occassion with the new costumes and celebrate this holiday with all Leatherworkers in Sarnaut! Tanner’s Day is here from the 15th to the 25th of November!


Server Maintenance – 11/14/2013 (Live)

Wednesday, November 13 2013 - 9:41 AM
by piopico


Allods Online will be down on Thursday, November 14th at 1:00 AM PST (GMT-8:00) for server maintenance.
• Set Arena of Death from 24 vs 24, to 12 vs 12
Servers will be unavailable for at least 2 hours during that time.
Server Clock –
If you have any trouble logging in after maintenance, please email our support team at


Wind of Changes: Closer Look at Pure Soul

Wednesday, November 13 2013 - 8:22 AM
by piopico



The battle was slowly nearing its end. A few remaining enemies were running around in panic, trying to hide from magical fireballs and acid. The High Mage, Sondosiast, stood at the top of the hill and mercilessly executed the last enemies with lightning bolts.
- “I’m fed up with this” – he said to the Summoner standing beside him.
- “It is so boring, look at us! We’re just standing here, breathing fresh air, and waving our hands casting spells when the real battle is down there! I wish I could grab an axe and smash some of those smelly, furry creatures instead of burning them from a distance, where I can’t even see how they die”
- “Well, sad to hear that my friend.  No axe nor sword could give me more fun than poisoning enemies and watching them dying slowly in pain…but, there is something you may find interesting…Have you ever heard about Core Morphing?”
- ???
- “Well, this is very mysterious science. And definitely not for beginners. Let’s finish this battle and I will explain to you how it works…”

Have you ever had concerns like Sondosiast had? Rumours say that once every week, you can find a mysterious coupon available at the Auction House. It’s called a Core Morpher Coupon, and gives you the ability to change your archetype, preserving all equipment progress. Local dealers say it’s not easy to obtain, neither is it cheap as there is only one available for each archetype per week. Let’s say you are a fragile mage, for example. Who wouldn’t love to grab a powerful mace and smash their enemies some time, instead of the never-ending casting of the same spells, then watching them burn from frost or lightning? Isn’t it worth the gold and effort?
Hurry up then, and visit the auctioneer! You will find the coupons available for each desired archetype every week:

Join the auction, and keep bidding until you have beaten all competitors! The precious coupon will be yours! Use it and you will be able to obtain a Core Morpher related to the chosen class. Players from the subscription server will receive it via in-game mail, whereas players from the Free-to-play server will acquire the Core Morpher in the Item Shop by redeeming the coupon they won from the Auction House.

Once you have the Core Morpher, you can use it anytime within a month, provided your character has reached level 55, has no active upgraders in the bag or bank, and the weekly quest from Lapidarist is completed. So what to do next?
First, make sure you really want to go through with it! Class changes may be done only once a month, and there will be many other players trying to win the auction! Still want to try? Ok, first right click on the Core Morpher!
You will see the equipment exchange window:

Here, you can choose new equipment (both equipped on the character and in your inventory). All your armor and weapons, including glyphs and Draconic Aspect items can be selected through this interface. You will be offered new, class appropriate items of the same rarity and characteristics. Glyphs installed in pieces of equipment will be also replaced. Don’t forget to watch how your statistics change on the right side of the window!
Two-handed weapons can be transformed into a couple of one-handed weapons and a shield/accessory, or vice versa. Draconic Relics are divided into groups according to aspects. You can choose any amulet from the 4 available.




Once the equipment transformation has been completed, you have to create a new appearance and choose the suitable race in the next stage. You will lose your old appearance settings, including all those acquired from the Hall of Changes.

Your newly changed character will start from the point you were at when this transformation began. Quests specified for your old class will be abandoned. All special class abilities will be replaced with new ones. You will also lose all connections with Mentors and Apprentices.
As you can see, the process is not that complex and will let you explore new archetypes and enjoy the game even more! Good luck with morphing!





Halloween Fright Fest Winners

Monday, November 11 2013 - 10:52 AM
by piopico


The video entries have come to a close, and it’s time to announce the winners of the Halloween Fright Fest! We’ve certainly had a diverse amount of entries, ranging from gameplay, animation, IRL – all coupled with a mix of spooky and snazzy music.
Enjoy the custom titles we added for each of the videos!
1st Place – Mangmangg – Mystery Note

2nd Place – Ludovic – Isle of the Damned Tale

3rd Place – Jirachi – Darkwood House of Horrors

4th Place – Todd – Stalker’s Paradise

5th Place – Ravenwave – Tentacle Nightmare

6th Place – Palaimp – Ginger



[Event] Puzzle Location – Unleash the Explorer within!

Monday, November 11 2013 - 8:27 AM
by piopico



Do you think you know your way around Sarnaut? Have you looked into every nook and cranny while exploring? Then we hope you have memorised all those places and interesting locations!


Use your geographic knowledge of Sarnaut’s surroundings to find the correct place in our Facebook Puzzle Event on Tuesday, November 12th!


We’ll be posting a screenshot of a specific location in Sarnaut on our Facebook timeline sometime on Tuesday. It’s up to you to guess where this exact location can be found in Sarnaut and to post your guess under our picture. Of course we won’t be making it too easy for you! Our screenshot will only be slowly uncovered over the course of the day to reveal more of the location, so stay tuned to be the first to guess right!


 Where is our little explorer hanging out here?


Be as exact as possible when naming the location. We don’t only want to know you saw this place in Nezebgrad! No, we want to know that this is the fountain found in the Victory Park in Nezebgrad.


The first 5 players to guess the correct location will receive a reward, depending on which server they play on! If there is only one player who guessed the exact place correctly, we’ll be awarding the next four who managed to guess the correct zone. Please be aware that we will not count responses that have been edited.


Place Reward

700 Premium Crystals


2 Anniversary Platinum Coins


600 Premium Crystals


1 Anniversary Platinum Coin


500 Premium Crystals


1 Anniversary Platinum Coin


400 Premium Crystals


1 Anniversary Platinum Coin


300 Premium Crystals


1 Anniversary Platinum Coin


Be sure to mention your character name and server when posting your guess, so we know whether to award the winners with Premium Crystals (Sihal) or Anniversary Platinum Coins (Smugglers Paradise).


Remember, you can only participate in this event if you have Liked our Allods Online Facebook page. If you have not joined the Allods Online Facebook yet, now is the time!


25% Select Astral Items! To the Astral and beyond!

Friday, November 08 2013 - 6:34 AM
by piopico



Exploring the deepest corners of the Astral and uncovering mysterious treasures is what the explorers of Sarnaut are best known for. And once they have explored a new allod another one surely awaits them! Astral explorers are never content at home, they always want more! That’s why they meet in the Astral harbour and set sail to unknown places and fight in the darkest dungeons.



But real explorers always push their limits, even when they’re back in their capital, even when they are reviewing their equipment. Upgrading gear is a full time job for explorers who are already busy fighting astral demons night and day! And what happens if they go on holiday on Pearl Ring to chill out and they have to make up for the time they lost?


If you’re always in a hurry and you can’t wait to catch up, we have the perfect offer for you! From the 11th to the 15th of November, don’t miss out on an amazing 25% discount on Replicators, Magic Tracing Paper and Mirror Tablets and Scrolls! Keep reading to find out all the details!


Astral Replicator – Doubles the amount of experience, loot and prestige when in the Astral.


When activated, consumes twice as many Astral Keys and Teleport Charges. Can be traded or auctioned, unless obtained through Premium Crystals.


Ethereal Replicator – Increases the amount of experience, loot and Prestige acquired when visiting an Astral Allod by 300%.


Activating the Ethereal Replicator consumes four times as many Astral Keys and Teleport Charges.


Mirror Tablet – Apply this scroll to one of your gear items in your inventory to receive the corresponding upgrader version.


*Cannot be used on Fabled gear


Mirror Scroll – Apply this scroll to one of your gear items in your inventory to receive the corresponding upgrader version.


*Can only be used on Fabled gear which is in process of upgrading


Magic Tracing Paper – Helps you unlock Astral sector progress without consuming Parts of the Astral Map. Apply this scroll to one of your “Replica” Astral Maps and one Magic Tracing Paper will be consumed instead.


*Cannot be used on any sectors higher than Legendary quality




These items will be available for gPotato, Gem Shards and Premium Crystals. Remember that all the items obtained with Premium Crystals will be bound to your Character once you pick them up.


Obtain more loot with the Astral and Ethereal Replicators, unlock sectors faster with the Magic Tracing Paper and speed up the gear upgrade process with the Mirror Tablet and Mirror Scroll. Catch up faster to your friends!


Get the most from your Astral travels!
A 25% off sale doesn’t happen every day, so hurry as it will only last from the 11th to the 15th of November!


Sale will be applied in the Boutique in the morning of November 11th to morning of November 15th (server time)


[Event] Kelpie Origin – Discover Untold Mystery!

Thursday, November 07 2013 - 6:28 AM
by piopico



Kelpie has just arrived to Sihal, although its past time is clouded. No one knows where the shapeshifting mount came from. How did it gain the special ability to morph into other creatures? What is Kelpie’s true intent? How did it gain the name – Kelpie? All these questions make it a mystery to unfold. This is your opportunity to create your own interpretation of Kelpie’s origin!


From now until Thursday 21st November, pretend you know the secret to Kelpie’s past by writing a short story of its origin.



Event Rules:


-Your story must be at least 500 words, and no more than 1000.

-Submissions must be posted on the Forum event thread.

-Include your character name and server when posting your entry.

-Any content which is vulgar or inappropriate will disqualify you, and cause the content to be removed.

-Be creative!




There will be a total of 5 winners. Below is the prize table of what the winners will earn, depending on your server.



1st Place 2000 Premium Crystals
2nd Place 1500 Premium Crystals
3rd Place 1000 Premium Crystals
4th Place 750 Premium Crystals
5th Place 500 Premium Crystals


Smugglers Paradise

1st Place

4x Costume Chest

3x Headgear Chest

3x Cloak Chest

2nd Place

4x Costume Chest

3x Headgear Chest

2x Cloak Chest

3rd Place

3x Costume Chest

2x Headgear Chest

2x Cloak Chest

4th Place

3x Costume Chest

2x Headgear Chest

1x Cloak Chest

5th Place

2x Costume Chest

1x Headgear Chest

1x Cloak Chest

Costume Chest – Contains 1 of 28 archetype vanity outfits
Headgear Chest – Contains 1 of 28 archetype vanity hats
Cloak Chest – Contains 1 of 22 different vanity cloaks



From now until 21st November, grab your pen and discover the mystery of Kelpie!


Discover secrets of shapeshifting mount – Kelpie!

Thursday, November 07 2013 - 2:48 AM
by piopico



“Stompy! Here, Stompy!” yelled the young lad who had lost his pet mammoth after unchaining it for its daily scrub-down. Across the plains he dashed, following the trail of the rampaging mammoth that left trampled bushes in its wake. The boy came to a halt at the end of the field that led downhill towards the Northern Birchwoods, where the hoof prints stopped and he could see the mighty Draft Stomper in the distance.


His pet mammoth was in a face-off with another mammoth, both ready to battle over territorial ground. They charged and clashed their jagged tusks, forcing each other through the fog and into the forest. Losing sight of the battle, the boy trembled as violent howls erupted from their trunks. After long minutes of baffling his ears against the battle cries, a battered mammoth emerged from the fog. With eyes squinting to see if it was his dear Stompy who emerged victorious…yes, it was Stompy! The boy sped down the hill and grabbed his pet’s trunk between his arms, embracing the warm fur against his face. United once again, the youngster climbed aboard his mammoth’s back and started riding off back to the farm.


The boy couldn’t help but feel something was…… different about his Draft Stomper. Despite the battle, Stompy seemed stronger, faster, and his wounds were healing surprisingly quickly. The boy shook his head and wiped away the clouded thoughts as we was happy to have ‘ol Stompy back, and bent forward to press his face against the animal’s head for the rest of the journey home. Little did the boy realize that this whole time, the mammoth had a suspicious smirk on its face…



Keep your eyes peeled for Kelpie, the transmuting shapeshifter!


This one-of-a-kind mount will be available in the Boutique from Thursday, 7th November to Tuesday, 12th November.


What makes Kelpie so special?

Kelpie is a rank 6 mount that is able to morph into the form of any mount that you already possess. Regardless of which mount that Kelpie copies, it becomes a rank 6 mount and it gains an increase in Health, Movement Speed, Regeneration and a reduced Summon time. Please be aware that Kelpie does not retain the original abilities of the mount it morphs into.


How do I summon Kelpie?

Once Kelpie is activated, it is bound to your character, and it will earn a new home within your stable. You must possess at least one other mount to be able to summon Kelpie.



You can freely change the mount that Kelpie copies at will. All you have to do is drag any available colour pattern onto Kelpie’s stable slot, in order to have Kelpie morph into that mount.


Transform your Fiery Wolf into one of the fastest mounts in Sarnaut, with the help of Kelpie!



What food does Kelpie eat?


Since Kelpie copies mounts in your stable, it doesn’t need to be separately fed. This means any past levels amongst your mounts will still contribute to a faster and more durable mount for Kelpie to copy.


Here is an example to compare the stats of Draft Stomper, Fiery Wolf, Kelpie, before and after it has been morphed.



Draft Stomper

Draft Stomper

Fiery Wolf

Fiery Wolf



This doppelganger mount will only be available in the Boutique for a limited time – Thursday, 7th November to Tuesday, 12th November. Add Kelpie to your stable before it fades away!